Truck & Bus Washing

Cleaning the exteriors of heavy vehicles, trucks, buses and trains is an area of John Bennett has a special interest for Tecnicorp and John Bennett personally. For 10 years he was Managing Director of Smith Bros & Webb Limited (SBW), a world leader in heavy vehicle washing systems under the Britannia brand. Uniquely, SBW specialised in systems for truck, bus and train washing which they designed and manufactured in-house, and achieved market leader status for a number of products. They installed and maintained their automatic vehicle washing systems, globally; Hong Kong, China, India, Malaysia, Egypt, Portugal, Dubai, Turkey to name a few destinations. Turnover of the business doubled during this period. John’s knowledge of this subject and the supply of equipment in the UK and around the world, is unrivalled He consults on all aspects; from their design through to their applications and their supply to workshops and depots around the world.


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Bus Washing

All bus garages will have a wash facility for their vehicles and most will need a fast drive through machine in order to clean a high volume of buses over a limited period. The use of automatic bus wash machines dates back some 50 years and has been reinforced by increasingly tough regulations about the cleanliness of buses. There are of course a number of variations to the scope of equipment suitable particular applications but by far the most common is the four brush drive through which provides a good wash quality but can operate at a throughput of more than 50 vehicles per hour.

Coach and smaller bus fleet operators are likely to have a different range of criteria when considering the type of equipment suitable for their wash plant needs. In any event, Tecnicorp can help in determining the scope of supply and the wash plant location to provide the most effective facility.

Truck Washing

Cleaning trucks through automatic wash machines did not develop as early as Train or Bus washing but is now an essential part maintaining vehicles and enhancing the corporate image. Trucks operators favour the three roll over design of wash machine as it can be programmed to wash different shapes and sizes of vehicle.

Mixed fleets such as those run by municipal authorities will normally be best served by multi programmed hybrid machines. Programs to operate as a spray machine on parts of the vehicles and a brush wash where the surfaces are accessible; catering for refuse collection vehicles and van. In this type of facility, the composition of the detergent is much more critical as is the volume of water applied. The specification of any water treatment and recycling system will vary considerably from fleet to fleet.

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The brief summary above is designed to give a flavour of this area of activity and is certainly not comprehensive. Should you require assistance in any aspect of cleaning commercial vehicles please contact Tecnicorp.

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